We are pleased to announce the completion of the project "Development of microenterprise WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. Oradea through diversification of services", which ran from June 2014-October 2014.

Project objectives:

  1. The general objective of the project:
    Improving economic and technical performance of WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. by increasing competitiveness, creating and maintaining jobs.
  2. The specific objectives are:
    Increasing the number of customers of the WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. company, as a result of online promotion, by 10%;
    Increased turnover by 25% over the next three years by implementing the measures proposed in quality management and computer-aided assessment system;
    Increased competitiveness of WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. as a result of the company's business efficiency by providing tangible and intangible assets;
    Better positioning for WEBLIKE PRO Ltd. by enhancing ability to promote products and services on the market.

Customers reviews

Adi Marin

Adi Martin

General Manager - Complex Aqua Park President.

The constant effort that the team had put into promoting Baile Felix resort and Aqua Park President complex had materialized in a very short time through the increasing number of tourists.

Carmen Cotrau

Carmen Cotrau

General Manager - Inter Broker de Asigurare.

I use your products to manage my tasks quickly and save time, so I can spend more time with my daughter Inn.

Paul Floruta

Paul Floruta

General Manager - CG&GC HiTech Solutions.

Weblike is a dedicated team that had offered the best solutions in the field and also responded promptly to all our requests in areas like web development, web design and online marketing thus successfully completing the services we offer to our customers.

Anca Marti

Anca Marti

Manager - Grand'Or Deluxe.

The Grand'or Deluxe concept is the result of the efficiency, thoroughness and timeliness of the Weblike Pro Team. The professionalism they have showed has paid off since our first month of activity.